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With over 15 years of experience in the field of construction, we can offer you complete services, whether it is the design or construction of industrial blocks or halls.

We also have all the necessary resources for pouring exterior or interior concrete platforms, but last but not least and complete solutions for paving alleys, sidewalks. Our teams can process and restore the elegance of wrought iron, stainless steel or wood, bringing a pleasant and innovative environment to your projects.

By collaborating with us you get rid of the stress of coordinating teams of workers, the risks associated with a construction, the technical problems inherent during such an activity and you receive in return a finished product, with guarantees, created exactly for your needs at the best quality. price .
We offer a guarantee for both the metal halls offered by us, and those with a concrete structure and those with a mixed structure.


Multi-storey buildings

Metal halls

Commercial centers


The design department of our company can offer you a project that combines functionality with aesthetics, combines an attractive exterior with the efficiency of interior partitioning, and above all be efficient in terms of construction costs, proving additional costs resulting from design errors.

We can offer you complete design services, from the design of houses and blocks of flats to industrial hall projects, including obtaining all the approvals for the different phases of PUD, PUZ or the construction authorization and execution of the works.

Architecture design includes 3D images, situation plan, plans of all levels, framing plan (roof), facades, 1-2 sections, 3-4 special execution details.

Strength structure design: includes foundation plan, foundation details, pillars, belts, beams, floors.

Installation design: includes plumbing, thermal and electrical installation schemes, technical gaps plan.


If you need a construction intended for commercial or industrial space, we can offer you beneficial and efficient solutions for your project: metal structure manufacturing, assembly, assembly and interior finishing.

We are constantly concerned both with the design of metal structures and with the execution of metal halls that comply with the legislative norms in force, but that also satisfy the logistical, technical and last but not least financial requirements.
The technical teams will perform in their own workshops the making of any type of metal structure, the execution of concrete steel reinforcement (the whole range of dimensions and any degree of complexity), the execution of metal cutting, laser cutting, sandblasting, painting, welding.

Our constructions – metal halls, either industrial or commercial spaces from all over the country are the most conclusive proof of our capacities and abilities to design, execute, assemble and complete, in the established time and to the desired quality any project regardless of its magnitude.

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