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About Zagury Metal Construct

We are a Romanian company founded in 2005. In the over 14 years of activity we have focused on the manufacture of metal constructions and component parts of metal structures.

We are an experienced company and we have proven professionalism and seriousness in all completed projects, so we have used over 50,000 tons of steel in over 500,000 square meters of buildings.

Our teams of design and construction engineers will examine in detail the projects, the sketches provided so that we can identify even before starting a construction any design errors, implementing work procedures, thus avoiding unnecessary costs of additional work.

We not only offer a building but we help you to obtain a functional space as well adapted as possible in terms of energy efficiency, structure, natural light, so that you have minimum costs after operation and maximum benefits.

What do we know to do?


The design department of our company can offer you a project that combines functionality with aesthetics, to combine an attractive exterior
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Multi-storey buildings

Office, hotel or hospital - we have various systems for metal buildings
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Metal halls

We design and build halls with metal structure for any industrial, agricultural or civil destination.
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Commercial centers

We design and build shopping centers on metal structure
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